We announced our partnership with Mist Systems in October that facilitates in deployment of high accuracy and low latency indoor wayfinding solution for venues around the world.  Mist Systems recently published a blog post highlighting the value of the ecosystem partnership and we are featured in it. The blog post titled, “It takes a village to deliver accurate and reliable indoor location services”, explains the power of ‘blue dot’ and how wireless services is making indoor location a reality.

We are happy to join Mist BLE Alliance, a broad network of ecosystem companies, who are collaborating to provide thought leadership around BLE, while ensuring the seamless interoperability of various BLE components with Mist’s wireless platform. You can read the official announcement here. It’s great to see that many of the companies in the Mist BLE Alliance are also Micello partners!

Also, check out their technology and partners page that features our company profile and solution sheet that discusses in detail how Mist Systems and Micello partnership is mapping the future of indoor location services.

Here’s how you can integrate micello indoor map of your venue with Mist Systems

  • Uploading your building’s floor plan (CAD or PDF file) for processing on micello.com.
  • Importing the map into Mist Systems to build on their wireless platform.
  • Integrating the Mist location technology with the Micello Maps SDK to show real-time indoor positioning.

For more details, please feel free to contact us.