With this integration, Micello Indoor Maps expand into security and risk mitigation applications. Vizsafe is a Geoaware mobile and visual sharing platform for security, public safety, and facility maintenance applications. Vizsafe protects and maintains some of the most valuable assets in the world, such as professional sports stadiums and universities. 


Micello indoor maps are integrated into the Vizsafe platform. This enables response teams to more efficiently address issues where time is of the essence.

  • Photo and video incident reports and live security cameras are displayed dynamically on indoor maps in real-time
  • Situational awareness is greatly improved for facility personnel and their partners in law enforcement and public safety
  • Response times are faster and team members better prepared, which enhances communications and reduces risk.

The combined solution will make facility and safety management easier than ever. This solution can be easily deployed across multiple venues, anywhere in the world.

You can read about the official announcement here.