Asset Mapping is a Proptech startup that provides building owners, facilities managers, and operators a single pane of glass view of their buildings. Their platform allows anyone to see the location and condition of equipment in real-time from any device. When conditions change, Asset Mapping triggers alerts and puts the right information at the fingertips of service engineers for immediate address faster and at a lower cost. With quick access to a complete list of all building assets, insightful analytics, and tailored reports, venue owners are able to make more informed decisions.


With Micello’s indoor mapping technologies, Asset Mapping adds two powerful new features to its offering:

  • Efficient indoor map production: Micello’s capabilities to automate the processes required to import all kinds of materials and files for creating indoor maps will allow Asset Mapping to increase the speed at which it enables smart buildings. Together, Asset Mapping and Micello will help deliver smart buildings faster, improving energy and maintenance efficiency in commercial real estate at a global scale.
  • Smart locations: With Micello maps, Asset Mapping will be able to create automatic geofencing. This means every time a new asset is added into the platform, it will automatically contain the data about the floor name, room name and location it belongs to. When this information changes, for example, the asset is moved from one room to another, Micello and Asset Mapping will automatically update the data on the map.

This integration is available today. Interested venue owners can sign up with Micello and can activate Asset Mapping through the Micello Marketplace.

You can read about the official announcement here.