Welcome! This is the documentation for HERE Venues Leaflet SDK. Here you will find the tutorials, references, working examples that will come in handy when you develop your application with HERE Venues.

HERE Venues Leaflet SDK is built on top of the Leaflet SDK v1.x. It means now you have the power of two powerful SDKs to create your next application.

Getting Started

It's really easy to get started with HERE Venues Leaflet SDK.

1. Create an account on or log into your existing account.

2. Let us know which venue(s) you are interested in by dropping us an email at or create new map request.

3. We will setup your account and API key with access to your map.

Table of Contents

Getting started with the HERE Venues Leaflet SDK

Map Events and Overrides

Control Your Map

Working with Popup and layers

Navigation and Indoor positioning

Map styling and other UI overrides

Common error codes & FAQs