The APIs provide an easy way to integrate with our site framework to access a variety of services such as Map Requests, Notifications, etc.

API URL Construction

Each API (Micello has been acquired by HERE; this API will still be supported) has several distinct parts to make up the URL used for the REST call which include:

  • Base URL
  • Endpoint (which includes the API Current Version)
  • Resource
  • Path Arg (not always applicable) 
  • Parameters

All API service calls use the same Base URL and Endpoint:

<base_url>/api/<api_version> (i.e.

The current version is “v1”. When an upgrade occurs, this is the portion that would change (i.e. v1.1, v2, etc).

The Resource, any necessary Path Args and Parameters are specific to the unique API calls. Each API call has a definition page which provides more information.

User Login, Tokens & Security

Access to the APIs require a valid username/password combination (acquired through registration with as well as the appropriate permissions. 

Read about how to programmatically login and maintain a session with


Included in the site framework is a notification platform which will send out notices in a variety of ways when maps have been released, updated, etc.

Email Notification (Example Coming Soon) 

Callback Notification (Example Coming Soon)

Service Calls
The following are the currently available calls:

User, Login and Tokens

User Login

Token Retrieval


Account Information Retrieval

Map Requests

Make a Map Request

Attach File to Map Request

Retrieve Map Request (Example Coming Soon)