Make a Map Request to have Micello create a new map or update an existing map structure






Header and session information are required. In addition, the following is required:

'Content-type': 'application/json'


The body of the request should provide the following JSON:

"nm": The map name,
"address": The map address,
"city": The map city,
"postal": The map postal address,
"country": The map country (please use a valid two character country code, i.e. US for United States),
"state": (optional) The map state (please use a valid two character state code, i.e. CA for California),
"floors": The number of floors this map have,
"cid": (optional) The Community ID if this is a Map Request to update information,
"company": (optional) Name of company the request is on behalf of,
"emails": (optional) Emails this request is on behalf of (comma delimited) which can have an account created and attached to this request
"notes": (optional) Notes about the on behalf of company and emails 

If files are to be attached to this Map Request, make subsequent calls to the Attach a File service call using the returned Request ID.

Expected Return

"request_id": The request ID which can be used to attach files (Map Request File Attach Service Call)


Make a Map Request