HERE Venues offers a suite of SDKs, APIs and tools which make it easy to add indoors to your application.  The platform is built to provide indoor maps, navigation, data and anything else you need to go live quickly. Our products have been created with a variety of vertical markets in mind— from retail to enterprise, government, facility management, to healthcare, public safety, travel, education, real estate and others.
All of HERE Venues products are cloud-based and highly flexible, so there is no software to download, no maintenance hassles or hidden costs. Our customers can customize solutions for their needs and start achieving immediate results.

The HERE Venues Platform gives you access to our world-class global indoors maps database. In order to get started, you will need to do the following:

  1. Create an account on venues.here.com. By creating an account, you will automatically create an API Key. Please make sure to connect with your team on venues.here.com.
  2. Visit the Product Activation page in your account and select which HERE Venues products (Maps SDK, Data API) you would like to use or turn on any 3rd party integrations.
  3. Select which maps you would like to use. Check our global coverage to see if we already have the building mapped out or request a new indoor map. 

All of our products and services require the use of an API key. You can add and remove maps to your API Key anytime via your Account Page.


Things you should know

Policies: Please review our terms of service around the API and maps data. 

Display Requirements: Please cite your sources! If you are using any of our SDKs or APIs, you must correctly attribute us

Rate Limits: We monitor your use of the APIs and will get in touch with you if there appears to be repetitive calls. 


Common FAQs

Help, I see a 403 error? 

403 is a permissions access issue. It simply means that your API key does not have access to the content. Please visit your account page and add the selected maps (be sure to add the right format!). If you continue to have trouble, please contact your HERE Venues Account Manager or email venues.support@here.com