Almost every geometry on micello map has a default popup. Now you can choose to hide or show this popup. By default, popup is visible when clicked on a geometry which can be turned off.

In this example, we are overriding mapClick event to disable popup when clicked on any geometry. When we override mapClick event, it automatically prevents default select action, which includes popup and color change effect. Here we want to disable popup only, so we have to write a code to highlight clicked geometry by changing the color.

We can change the color of any geometry by mapInlay function. Below code will turn the clicked geometry type to "Selected", which will also change the color as defined in theme file.

var inlay = {"id":,  "anm":"my_inlays", "t":"Selected"};

Now, when we click on other geometry, we need to change the color of previously clicked geometry to default. By removing added inlay we can change the color to default.

mapDataObject.removeInlay ("my_inlays", true);