Venues of D3.js is built on top of the D3.js v5.0, which means we need to include D3.js files into our HTML page. Add following line in your head tag:
<script src=" "></script>


Now we add Venues SDK:

<script src=" "> </script>

<link rel="stylesheet" href=" ">


We also need a container for our map to render. A unique element _id_ or _class_ attribute is required and will be specified again in the initialization code:

<div id="map"></div>


And some styles for the map container to show correctly:


    #map {

      position: absolute;

      top: 0;

      right: 0;

      bottom: 0;

      left: 0;




Once we have completed these steps we can easily load the map by executing the following code:



  // Instantiate the Venues SDK

  var myVenue = d3.venues('API_KEY')



  // Load the map the container element'#map')




That's all it takes to load your venue map.