Micello maps have ability to show popup anywhere on the map. There are two types of popup available.

  1. MENU

First is the MENU popup which includes an optional title and optional command list, with each command having a callback handler. Second is an INFOWINDOW which is a ballon that displays HTML. Menu is the default type of popup when clicked on any geometry.

    popup = mapCanvas.createPopup();
    var popupInfo = {};
    popupInfo.type = micello.maps.popuptype.INFOWINDOW;
    popupInfo.mapX = mapDataObject.geomMap[i].g.l[0];
    popupInfo.mapY = mapDataObject.geomMap[i].g.l[1];
    popupInfo.lid = mapDataObject.geomMap[i].pl.id;
    popupInfo.html = html;

Here we are creating an object popupInfo with type INFOWINDOW, position mapX and mapY, level you want to show popup on and popup content. setData function will set the popup at defined position with defined content.

'setActive' function sets the popup to active, meaning it will be displayed if it is on the proper level.