The default orientation of a Micello map is the same as maps that are displayed at that community or venue.

If the map needs to be displayed with a different orientation, the method setBaseAngRad() can be passed a value in radians to rotate the map before it is initialized.

To convert degrees to radians, use this formula:

Radians = Degrees*(π/180)

Here are a few rough values for reference:

90° = 1.57 radians
180° = 4.71 radians
270° = 7.07 radians
* Positive radian values rotate the map counter-clockwise.

micello.maps.init (apikey, mapInit);
function  mapInit() {
    var mapControl =  new micello.maps.MapControl('mapElement');
    var mapDataObject = mapControl.getMapData();
    var mapView = mapControl.getMapView();
    mapView.customView = true;

Enter a value in radians and click 'Change Orientation' the map to see it reoriented.

Note: Using setBaseAngRad() to rotate the map will disable the UI 'Compass' element.