Micello SDK for leaflet allows you to highlight the given geometry using Annotation class. All you need to do is to pass the geometry shape and the geometry level.

First, we need to initiate the annotation class. Annotation class accepts two arguments community object and annotation style.

var annotation = L.micello.annotations(community, {
    annotationStyle: 'Selected'

Now that you have initiated the annotation class object, you can add the annotation to any level. You can assign any valid theme style value to annotation style. e.g. "Unit", "Background", "Room" etc. You can also define your custom style in theme override and then you can use that style as annotationStyle.

annotation.addTo(shp, lvl);

This will add an extra layer of given shape on given layer.

All the valid geometry object has the level and shape information under "lvl" and "shp" properties respectively.

Click on any geometry in the following example to highlight it.