Working with the map load events is essential to developing with Micello maps. Because our maps load asynchonously, many methods of the API require the map to be fully loaded to function correctly. Fortunately, in v1 we have many events that will fire at different times of the map change.

Most commonly used events are "indoorCommunityLoadComplete" and "indoorLevelGeomLoaded".

First will fire when the community map(com-map) file is loaded. It simply means that now you have community properties available. Community properties are community name, street address, city, state, country etc.

community.on("indoorCommunityLoadComplete", function(e){
    // coomunity map file loaded. Write your code here

Second event will fire when the level geoemetry file is loaded. That means now you have information of all the geoemtries peresent on current level. This event will be very useful when you are working with the data related to geometry.

community.on("indoorLevelGeomLoaded", function(e) {
    // level-geom file loaded

Reload this page to see the alerts when events are triggered.