In our last example we loaded the map with default drawing and level. Now what if you want to load the map at specific drawing and level? In v1 SDK we have options to specify the drawing id and level id. This allows the developer to load the map to a specific part of a map.

L.micello.loader.on("indoorReady", function (e) {
    community = ( 144, {
        key: apikey,
        did: 7247,    // drawing id
        lid: 8152,    // level id

In above example, we have specified the drawing id(did) and level id(lid).

Copy the HTML code and try it yourself. More combos that will work with this map:

Drawing: 144 - Levels: 8151

Drawing: 7247 - Levels: 8152, 8153

Drawing: 21235 - Levels: 31218, 31209

If no level id(lid) is mentioned it will load the default level of that drawing.