Objects on a Micello map can be customized to be any color. Micello maps have a number of object types which can be themed individually. Some of the most commonly themed objects are:

  • Unit
  • Building
  • Selected
  • Room

To see what objects appear on any given map, refer to the Interactive Map Tool as this will show you the "type" of object when clicked.

Each object type has multiple properties which can be customized:

  • Main ("m"): The main fill of the object
  • Outline ("o"): The stroke (outline) color of the object
  • Width ("w"): The width of the stroke
  • Texture ("img"): The image to use as a tiled texture
  • Shadow ("shadow"): The shadow to be applied to this object type
  • Label ("l"): Label styling.

In Micello SDK for leaflet, styling of label has changed from the way we used to manage in our previous SDK v0. More information on label styling is available here.

These items are defined in a JSON object:

var themeToUse = {
    "s": {
        "Unit": {
            "m": "#cec1a5",
            "o": "#b2a177",
            "l": "Modern",
            "w": 2,
        "Parking Structure": {
            "m": "#fffeb9",
            "o": "#808080",
            "l": "Modern",
            "w": 2,
            "img": "https://www.micello.com/sites/default/files/img/gate.png",
    "l": {
        "Modern":{"fill": "#ffffff"}

In this example, we are overriding the theme for the Unit and Parking Structure object types to be a different fill color (the "m" in the JSON object).

Notice that both the 'img' and 'shadow' properties can be defined in two ways. These differences are explained below.

The following table shows the object types that have an image texture by default. The preview is shown with the object type's default background color ('m'), stroke color ('o'), and stroke weight ('w'):

Area Controlled areas like Airport Security
Background The floor of a building
Booth A booth or table at a convention
Building A standalone building like a library or department store
Gate The boarding area for an airplane
Grass Landscaping and golf course
Inaccessible Space  
Level Change The space occupied by an enclosed stairwell, an escalator, or elevator lobby
Parking Lot