How HERE Venues works with AssetMapping 

Asset Mapping is a proptech company that revolutionizes asset management for building owners, facilities managers, and operators, by providing a powerful real-time view of assets on a digital map. Asset Mapping's solutions allow you to discover key insights to your business's asset management. With HERE Venues' indoor mapping technologies, Asset Mapping adds two new features to its offering:

  • Efficient indoor map production: HERE Venues' capabilities to automate the processes required to import all kinds of materials and files for creating indoor maps will allow Asset Mapping to increase the speed at which it enables smart buildings. Together, Asset Mapping and HERE Venues will help deliver smart buildings faster, improving energy and maintenance efficiency in commercial real estate at a global scale.
  • Smart locations: With HERE Venues maps, Asset Mapping will be able to create automatic geofencing. This means every time a new asset is added into the platform, it will automatically contain the data about the floor name, room name and location it belongs to. When this information changes, (e.g. the asset is moved from one room to another), HERE Venues and Asset Mapping will automatically update the data on the map.