How HERE Venues works with CloudGuide

The CloudGuide platform is designed for museums, monuments, parks and art galleries as a single source of truth for official content to engage visitors, gather statistics, and much more. With HERE Venues indoor maps integrated into the CloudGuide platform, visitors can get detailed layout of each authorized museum in addition to details on institution’s profile including location, info, accessibility, agenda, social networks, ticketing through the mobile application as it is loaded with several interactive features. This combined solution will make it easier than ever for every visitor to find their way through the museums and get a comprehensive and up-to-date experience.

  • CloudGuide is the fastest growing cultural network in the world linking more than 220  institutions, museums, galleries, monuments and cultural organizations.
  • With a presence in 12  different countries across the world.
  • An interactive app through which visitors can enjoy a whole new visiting experience.