How HERE Venues works with Express Image

Express Image is an all-inclusive interactive digital solutions and print provider. Express Image delivers immersive experiences through digital and print place-based media solutions to worldwide brands through a variety of industries, such as entertainment, retail, travel, financial services, healthcare, technology, education and automotive. HERE Venues indoor maps are integrated into Express Image's LCD touch screen kiosks. The slick modern design, search function, step by step directions, dynamic pop-ups, text to phone features right down to the functionality that informs the guest as to which direction to go to start their journey.

  • 2-D wayfinding: The 2-D wayfinding provides an eagle view with stacked multi-floor destination, travel times and route directions. The visitors now have access to smarter interactive wayfinding kiosks that help them to navigate while they shop, eat and do much more in the shopping malls. 
  • Customized assistance: When a guest approaches the interactive wayfinding kiosks they are greeted with a vibrant, eye-catching tool that allows the visitors to receive customized assistance they need within as little as 10-20 seconds. 

  • Engage customers: The directory provides the power to instantly share and visualize the data on your smart phone through the text to phone feature which further engages customers and allows them to interact with mall guest services.