How HERE Venues works with Polestar

Pole Star, is the pioneer and world leader in indoor location. Pole Star’s mission is to deliver high performance and complete range of indoor location services for venue owners and mobile solution providers covering over 100 million square feet of indoor areas worldwide.

Pole Star delivers SDK to its partners enabling an easy integration into mobile applications and APIs, offering several level of services from the “Blue dot” and Indoor Positioning to Real time Indoor Location Analytics through precise geofencing and proximity detection. This complete range of indoor location solutions revolutionizes relationships between venue owners and consumers or visitors, allowing them to interact at each point during their visit.

  • HERE Venues is a key technology partner for Pole Star.
  • HERE Venues' indoor maps are fully integrated into Pole Star products.
  • The HERE Venues & Pole Star integration makes it easy for venue owners to quickly deploy Indoor Positioning, Precise Geofencing and Real Time Location Analytics services at their venues and easily integrate these services into mobile applications.
  • Polestar uses HERE Venues' Maps SDK and Data APIs