Pole Star Integrates Micello Indoor Maps Into Its NAO Cloud Platform for a Global Integrated Indoor Positioning Solution

Pole Star provides a technology suite encompassing indoor positioning, precise geofencing and real-time location analytics for mobile apps. Micello welcomes Pole Star to its growing marketplace of integrated technology solutions for venues.


Pole Star, a pioneer and global leader in indoor positioning, today announced that its NAO Cloud Platform is compatible with Micello indoor maps.

“The integration between Pole Star NAO Cloud and Micello indoor maps makes it easier for our customers to implement and deploy indoor location services at their venues.” said Christian Carle, CEO of Pole Star. “Micello has been creating indoor maps and data for several years. As part of this integration, Micello customers can now instantly import their indoor maps into the Pole Star NAO Cloud platform and enable indoor location services at their venue.

As part of the integration, Pole Star’s partners and customers will have immediate access to thousands of Micello’s indoor maps to build their indoor location services.

“Micello and Pole Star have a shared vision as we deploy indoor location services for venues around the world. We are excited to provide indoor maps for the Pole Star NAO Cloud. This will help reduce the integration, development and deployment time for mobile app developers,” said Ankit Agarwal, CEO of Micello. “Also, as part of this partnership, Pole Star will be joining the Micello marketplace, which already includes dozens of companies that have developed innovative solutions with our maps.”

About Pole Star

Pole Star, founded in 2002 and based in the United States and in France, is the pioneer and world leader in indoor location. Pole Star’s mission is to deliver high performance and complete range of indoor location services for venue owners and mobile solution providers covering over 100 million square feet of indoor areas worldwide. To learn more about Pole Star, please visit http://www.polestar.eu /http://www.polestarusa.com

About Micello, Inc.

Micello is a worldwide leader in providing indoor maps and navigation data. Micello’s products include a global maps database, developer platform and SDKs, and a marketplace of integrated solutions. In the last few years, Micello has generated indoor maps for over 25,000 venues around the world. Micello is headquartered in Santa Clara, California with operating offices in Ahmedabad, India and Tokyo, Japan. To learn more about Micello, please visit http://www.micello.com.

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