Quickly add the Maps SDK to your web or mobile application. 

The Maps SDK is an efficient and lightweight JavaScript library for mobile and web-friendly interactive indoor maps. All of our maps are vector-based and designed for mobile. 

The Maps SDK is simple, usable and efficient. It works across all major desktop and mobile platforms, The documentation is readily available online with tools to help with a fast and customizable integration with your web or mobile application. You are in the driver seat. HERE Venues will take care of the maps and data and you can control everything else in the software. 

Here are a few different kinds of maps presented through our Maps SDK. This is the default behavior. Nearly everything can be edited and customized to meet your user interface and business requirements. 




Interested in viewing more map examples? Visit the Maps Data page and our Global Coverage page.
The Maps SDK can be customized, and we totally mean it. 
The feature set in the latest version of the Maps SDK is described below. The Maps SDK and QuickStart guide will enable you to quickly plug indoor maps into your web or mobile experience. 

Map Controls

The controls allow users to efficiently use the map

  • Venue Name
  • Level Selector
  • Zoom Buttons
  • Compass
  • Scale



Map Styling

Extensively customize the maps to reflect your brand 

  • Control the fill, stroke, stroke-thickness for any and all objects on the map
  • Choose your font, font-type, font-size, font-case, font-color
  • Select your interactive colors
  • Textures and shadows 
  • Design your own map controls, rearrange the positions or change the button experience
  • Replace text with logos 
  • Add style to labels with label-backgrounds

Interaction Features

The maps respond to your touch and are highly engaging

  • Drag and pan 
  • Scroll-wheel zoom
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Pinch and zoom on mobile
  • Map Events and Overrides (click, mouse-over etc)
  • Default popups or customize your own
  • Marker Overlays 

Map Settings

The settings allow you control exactly how and where a map opens to an end user. 

  • Set Drawing
  • Set Level
  • Set Language
  • Set North, Set Orientation
  • Set View
  • Set Zoom


All maps come standard with routing capabilities. 

  • Routing from any point to any point on the map
  • Supports multiple levels, across multiple buildings in a campus
  • Preference-routing for handicapped
  • Compatibility with all indoor positioning providers
  • Display GPS position or 3rd party positioning service

Browser Support

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • IE9+

Mobile Support

  • Safari
  • Android Browser
  • Chrome for Mobile
  • Firefox for Mobile
  • IE10+ 

3rd Party Content

The SDK makes it easy to add content from 3rd partys. 

  • Social media content like Twitter, Foursquare, Yelp, Instagram and more
  • Real-time data like FlightStats, Uber, Lyft and others
  • Corporate data from your internal IT Systems, like facility management, security, employee locations
  • Static and dynamic information like location of assets




It is really easy to get started

Documentation & Resources

  1. Check out the documentation and tools to get a deeper technical view into the maps. 
  2. Create an account on micello.com and add a few maps to your account. 
  3. Download the QuickStart guide and enter your API Key and Community ID (Unique Identified for the map) and load it your favorite development console. 
  4. Customize and integrate. We got your back in case you have any questions or need help. Contact us anytime if you need help.  
Do you already have my building? 
We might already have your venue mapped out. Please visit our coverage page and take a look to see if your venue is available. If so, great! If not, please contact us and we will schedule it for production immediately. 
Do you have an iOS or Android native SDK? 

For iOS or Android, we encourage using our Maps SDK via WebView. Open any of our maps on a mobile browser. You will be surprised at the fast, fluid and optimized experience. If you need higher performance (gaming or high-end visualizations, check out our Data API which will pull the map data and give you much more control over the presentation).

How do I integrate indoor positioning with your Maps SDK?

Contact us and we'll talk you through the details. Many of our indoor positioning partners have documentation and sample code available to make it super easy. 

If you are a venue owner, please contact us for the detailed order form and price information for all the HERE Venues products and Marketplace products. 
If you are developing a product integration, the Maps SDK and sample data is available for free. To see examples of our product integrations, visit The Marketplace

Can I remove the attribution? 

Please see our attribution guidelines online.