Yelp partners with Micello indoor maps to improve location accuracy within venues 

Shopping malls and airports can now opt-in to update Yelp store listings through Micello.


Micello today announced that Yelp has joined the Micello Marketplace of integrations. With this partnership, venue owners around the world can instantly approve Micello to upload the latest indoor maps and data to Yelp.  

Each holiday season searches for malls have been increasing by 20% on Yelp, while overall searches for malls are increasing by 50% year-over-year. This partnership allows Yelp to use the latest Micello indoor maps and data of shopping malls, stadiums and airports for a detailed listing of all the stores/restaurants within these venues on and yelp mobile applications.

“We’re excited to work with Micello  to help make Yelp even better at connecting people with great local businesses” said Chad Richard, senior vice president of business & corporate development at Yelp.

“We are excited to enable venue owners to opt-in and share indoor maps with Yelp. This partnership continues to build on our 2016 momentum in launching new and valuable integrations for our customers.” said Ankit Agarwal, CEO of Micello, “This is a great new opportunity for venue owners all around the world to get listed on Yelp and be easily discovered by millions of Yelp users.”

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About Micello, Inc.

Micello is a worldwide leader providing indoor maps and navigation data. Micello’s products include a global maps database, developer platform and SDKs, and a marketplace of integrated solutions. In the last few years, Micello has generated indoor maps for over 25,000 venues around the world. Micello is headquartered in Santa Clara, California with operating offices in Ahmedabad, India and Tokyo, Japan. To learn more about Micello, please visit

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